We provide an integrated offer of content, subscriber and business management as a service

with the most advanced technology package

eTV(color_centered) rEVIOlutionary service for ISP 242 channels in your network under your own brand name

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TV content delivery

Nationwide network of TV content distribution. Over 280 channels available (incl. 70+ HD quality)

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Content protection

Cardless system for management of rights to TV content for STB and mobile devices.

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Mobile television

A service which enables your subscribers to watch TV on smart phones and tablets.

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OTT apps portal

Internet content with music and video, accessible on your TV screen on the ‘TiViK’ service.

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Programs info

EPG metadata delivery for programs broadcast by over 400 TV channels in Poland.

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Management of subscribers

A complete platform for evidence and management of subscribers’ rights.

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STB decoders

Interactive STB decoders for cable and IPTV networks available for purchase or rent.

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Nationwide range of services

we reach small, medium and large operators and broadcasters in Poland

cooperating operators

cooperating broadcasters

TV channels available

subscribers within eCDN

active decoders in the field

interactive OTT applications

Content license agreements

Operator representation during negotiation of license agreements

We help operators who start their TV-related activity establish business relationships with broadcasters and distributors of TV content. We negotiate license agreements, provide expert legal opinions, represent operators during contract signing and provide full logistics service.

Sales support

Trainings for sales representatives and Customer Service

We organize training sessions for sales departments, build sales teams and provide advice for creating an optimal commercial offer. We can also help create promotional and marketing campaigns for operators tailored to their individual market needs.


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